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Which Is The Desk Lamp For Studying

Which Is The Best Desk Lamp For Studying?

Have you ever fancied getting good lighting for studying? Why strain while studying?

Thanks to advancement in technology, a desk lamp is quickly becoming a basic need in most homes. Picking a good desk lamp can be tricky. They are so many in the market coming in different shapes, sizes and quality.

It is important to have a desk lamp because it reduces the chances of your eyes straining while studying. It also minimizes fatigues, maximise clarity and enhances productivity while studying.

In this article, we will focus on what to look out for when choosing a desk lamp for studying.

What factors do you need to take into consideration when choosing a desk lump for study?

How large is your study area? The larger the study table the taller the lamp required. Make sure the lamp has an adjustable stand, that will be flexible to ensure full light coverage of your study area.

The easy adjustments will allow to direct light where you need it most. Also make sure it has a heavy base to enable it to be firm on your desk avoiding accidents when moving.

  1. Amount of light.

With people spending much time studying, eye strain may be a concern. This may require you to regulate the amount of light.

While selecting a study desk lamp, Look out for one with an LED of least 5-10 watts. Finding the correct ambience of lighting will help to protect your eyes and enhance your productivity.

So, whether you are reading, writing or simply lighting your room, you are sure your eyes will face minimal strain, maximize clarity and minimize fatigue.

  1. Adjustable light color, temperatures and brightness

Depending on what type of study you are into, choose a desk lamp that can adjust its brightness and light temperatures depending with time and environment.

You can set it to a soft warm yellow when reading a novel and strong blue white light when you need to stay alert to read scientific documents.

Adjustable light helps the lamp stand to suit to different environments making it versatile and power saving too! Double advantage!

 Chargeable USB port.

In this error of smartphones or e-readers, ensure it has an in-built chargeable USB port. This is to ensures you can read your book while charging your phone.


How would you feel if you had a study desk lamp with a timer and memory? Well some are made with software’s that remember the last settings you made. You don’t have to set the intensity and color again to get your favorite shade.

Choose a design that is convenient for you. Some have goose neck to allow its adjustability to any direction, others have touch pads where you simply slide your hand to adjust brightness and color.

Different designs give the desk lamp sophistication that is perfect in an array of modernism or fits with your home décor.

What precautionary measures should you take?

  • Ensure the desk lamp is higher than your head and not indirect contact with your eyes to avoid eye sickness.
  • Illuminate your study desk lamp to ensure it does not cause screen glare to your computer.

What are some of the disadvantages that come with using a desk lamp?

  • Some are heavy light therefore not suitable for constant movement
  • They are quite expensive
  • Could heat up when used for long hours at highest brightness

Last words.

Seeking a desk lamp for studying can be tedious. It’s not a luxury but a necessity if you want to protect your eyes. Choose the one that suits your needs, taste and will enhance your productivity.

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