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Lean is an architect and a stay home mom. After 8 years of working in an architectural firm, and with her second son coming, Lean decided to be a freelance architect working from home. With work coming in, she had to work late and this necessitated good lighting. She found herself going round shopping for the perfect fit for her work and had to try out many different lamps. With time, she began collecting desktop lamps as a hobby and a new passion was born. When not working, Lean loves tending to her garden and cooking her home made recipes for her husband and two kids. With time, she has developed a love for writing and is a lead blogger for different websites.

Which Is The Best Desk Lamp For Studying?

Which Is The Desk Lamp For Studying

Have you ever fancied getting good lighting for studying? Why strain while studying? Thanks to advancement in technology, a desk lamp is quickly becoming a basic need in most homes. Picking a good desk lamp can be tricky. They are so many in the market coming in different shapes, sizes …

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